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MyJuu Coins

MyJuu Coins are credits that user can use to buy products and services from Every user once registered get his/her MyJuu Coins Account instantly. Upon opening the account offer free coins worth TZS. 500/= (may change from time to time).

The value of MyJuu Coin is at any time equal to Tanzania Shilling. Exchange rate is 1. If you want to buy 10,000/= MyJuu Coins you will pay only TZS. 10,000/=

When you buy items using MyJuu Coins you get discount on checkout. This is to encourage the use of MyJuu Coins.

With MyJuu Coins you can benefit with the following;

1. Pay less for items

When you want to buy you will have two options, using MyJuu Coins or other means of payments like Tigo Pesa. You will see less total amount for MyJuu Coins option. For example, if total cost of your items in the cart is TZS. 40,000/=, that is what you will pay with other means, but you will see other balance on paying with MyJuu Coins option let say 36,000/=

Remember, the value of 1 MyJuu Coins is 1 TZS.

2. Fast Payment and shipping

When you checkout with MyJuu Coins the amount is deducted instantly from your MyJuu Coins balance. Therefore the order starts to be  processed instantly. In additional you have no other struggle to find mobile payments, or going to bank to deposit in order to complete payment.

The following are limitations of using MyJuu Coins;

1. MyJuu Coins can only be used to purchase items from website. We have strategy to increase categories of products so that you can have wider choice for your MyJuu Coins

2. MyJuu Coins can not be withdrawn or changed to cash. This is due to the fact that you get a lot of free MyJuu Coins every day and they are intended to be used on site only. In few cases where wish to terminate business relationship with a customer due to some reasons or misbehave by a customer, will refund only remaining purchased MyJuu Coins in the account of the customer less refund charges.

In calculating remaining purchased MyJuu Coins all free coins collected my a customer within last 12 months are deducted from the balance first. Also  value of coins obtained in discount are recalculated so that to make sure a customer get what he could actually bought without discount.